Out-of-the-Box Side Hustles for Women

//Out-of-the-Box Side Hustles for Women
Out-of-the-Box Side Hustles for Women 2022-03-11T13:44:37-07:00

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Many Americans are picking up side hustles to earn extra income, and women are leading the path with data showing that 53% of women are more likely to take on a side hustle than men. While money is definitely a factor, it’s not the only reason women are seeking additional sources of income. Benefits of starting a side hustle include exploring entrepreneurship and learning new skills, diversifying income streams, flexibility, the ability to work from home, increased disposable income, and the opportunity to test out new business ideas. Of the extra money they earn, women spend 59% on common household expenses, 46% use income for personal items, 37% save the income for vacations, travel and general savings, 36% pay off debt, 21% buy gifts, and 8% put this money towards retirement.

11 Unique Side Hustle Ideas Include:

  1. Purchasing and Selling Domains (earn $500-$700 per month on average)
  2. Work as a Seasonal Consultant (earn $50 per hour on average)
  3. Selling Unwanted Items (earn $500 per month on average)
  4. Becoming a Virtual Assistant (earn $20 per hour on average)
  5. Assembling Ikea Products (earn $20-$30 per hour on average)
  6. Become a Handy-Woman (earn $24 per hour on average)
  7. Create Original Templates (earn $1,000 per month on average)
  8. Refurbish Furniture (Earn $300 per month on average)
  9. Rent Out Your Parking Space (earn $450 per month on average, depending on locality)
  10. Write Resumes and CVs (earn $23 per hour on average)
  11. Sell Advertising Space on Your Vehicle (earn $200-$300 per month on average)

Considering existing skills, time commitment, legal requirements and certifications are all imperative to choosing the right side hustle. Regardless of the side hustle, our infographic can help you identify an idea, build a business plan, get all the necessary permits or licenses and file taxes.