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Submit Your Basic Infographic

Basic Submission service reviews your submission before it will be posted in a timely fashion (30 days in most cases) and does not guarantee approval. We Reserve the right to publish or not publish your infographic based on the companies approval standards.

Please follow these specific guidelines in helping your Basic Submission be accepted and published.

Use the form below and include the following information:

  • Name – Please give us you full name
  • Email – So that we can contact you if your infographic is published
  • Title – The title of your infographic
  • Description – An original description that will appear above the infographic
  • Infographic URL (jpeg) – The actual image of your infographic in jpeg form
  • Original Source of Infographic – Provide the URL as to where the infographic was originally published so we can link back to the original source
  • Embed Code or Special Instructions (optional) – You may also include an embed code or special instructions if you would like more control over how your infographic is published (i.e. where to link back to, alt attribute text, size, etc.)

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