Guide to Prepare for the GRE® General Test and Score 330+ 2019-03-11T08:22:49-07:00

Project Description

They say practice makes perfect and this is true when preparing for the GRE®. However, practice sessions prove useful if you allocate adequate time to the study. Which means you need to start early. Also, having the right study materials will boost your chances of success. Use your weekends for trying out the GRE® practice test. Analyze the results and adapt your study plan, accordingly. Every section adds to the final score that you will get. That means you should focus on getting high scores in each. Therefore, beware that you don’t succumb to the mistake of assuming quant will be easy. Also, practice tests will provide you with the opportunity to understand how the actual exam could be like. Use these tests to evaluate your habits and identify efficient ways of solving problems.