Essential SEO Growth Strategies For Traffic-obsessed B2B Brands

//Essential SEO Growth Strategies For Traffic-obsessed B2B Brands
Essential SEO Growth Strategies For Traffic-obsessed B2B Brands 2022-03-11T16:26:15-07:00

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Your existing pages that have established authority can help you build an internal linking strategy and improve your SEO by using the following tips. Group and link all pages to topic clusters and pillar pages. Adding keywords in anchor text is important but don’t use the same anchor text keywords in different content (it can confuse the search engines). Link low performing pages to help increase their authority and these internal mentions should appear earlier in each article (with external links towards the bottom). Finally, make sure to internally link your new articles in old content.

When establishing an SEO strategy, it is important to look at these 8 key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate your results: (1) keyword ranking to make sure you are on the first page (2) organic traffic, which is more effective than paid traffic (3) backlink profile, where the more backlinks you have, the better (4) domain authority, which will help you outrank your competitors (5) time spent on page, which helps you track user activity and improve pages with high bounce rates, and (6) click-through rate. Reviewing your (7) mobile traffic and (8) bounce rate can help you understand user experience and make improvements. Use this infographic to improve your SEO growth strategy.