Unscrambling the U.S. Auto Debt Explosion


While student loans are getting a lot of media coverage the amount of auto debt outstanding is also rising quickly. This infographic looks at some of the factors which have increased automotive debt and how consumers across the United States are responding to industry trends. Car Payments Calculator https://www.carpaymentcalculator.net/resources/neverending-auto-loans.php

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Tennessee


Some might consider themselves extremely safe drivers but that does not mean other drivers function the same way. Because of human error, thousands of people each year are injured or loose there lives in car accidents. Our Nashville car accident attorney at Matt Hardin Law provides an infographic on the top causes of car accidents [...]

Common Causes of Truck Accidents Infographic


Truck accident cases can be especially complex because of the many state and federal laws governing trucks, truck drivers, and shippers. Trucking companies are often equipped with large legal resources that they can deploy in the event of truck crash. For these reasons, anyone injured in a collision with a large truck should seek the [...]